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Who We Are: We are professional manufacturer specialized in high precision hardware with a wide range of products available, Including CNC turning parts and auto lathe parts, insert nuts, special screws, pins, standoffs, washers, self-clinching nuts other panel Fasteners, rivets, and so on.

Hot Products

    • Self-Clinching Standoff

      Self-Clinching Standoff

      Self-Clinching Standoff Features: This self-locking fasteners permit repeated use. Can protect the screw threads. Available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Why Choose Us! We specialized in manufacturing automatic lathe and CNC machining parts,the CNC high precision electronic hardware...

    • Self-clinching Blind

      Self-clinching Blind

      Self-clinching blind The closed riveting nut column is also called a grounding nut column and a B-type nut column. This closed-type riveting nut column has a blind hole internal thread, and the head is similar to the S-type pressure riveting nut, which is riveted on the plate to form a Effective...