1, We are taking a cautious & respect for the details of the attitude. According to the requirement for the product development of molding process & mould design in order to manufacture the high precision mold. The raw material of the products according to the material requirements, such as furnace & size to carry on the strict control, in the forming process for the dimensions of the semi-finished products & performance requirements. Continuous to check the consistency of product in order to test and shall maintain records that it can be track back. If we find abnormal will immediately to stop the production isolated and labeled that for further determine the abnormal goods to take measures. Strictly abide by the defective product is not the idea of flowing into the next production process.


3, Check the appearance, size, hardness, performance, torque, Push and Pull force after heat treated products.

4, Making an analysis of the coating thickness after surface treatment products & salt spray life test & hydrogen embitterment test.

5, For important size of product that we will check for 100% full inspection by optical filtering machine.

6, Artificial pick the appearance of the product defects and then put in warehouse.



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加工中心Machining Center 1.JPG加工中心Machining Center 2.JPG螺母部Self Clinch Nut Department 1.JPG螺丝部 Self Clinch Stud.JPG

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