Forming of Automotive Parts with Nuts Clinch Process in Comparison to Welding of Nuts

- Jul 06, 2018-


In this paper authors present joining by forming method for screws and nuts. Self-clinching nut process was compared to a traditional nut welding method after drawing the requested shape in order to analyse quality of junction. That process is very often carried out for High Strength Steels which usually contain decreased plastic properties and increased strength. It usually causes a problem to set up the self-clinching process. Currently, there are a few companies specialising only in this kind of processes, however correct designing of such tool requires taking into account many factors such as choose of joining method by forming and proper connector type. Despite many difficulties, this method allows for joining hard welded steels and most of all for minimization of operations amount in mass production. Operations of joining by forming of nuts and screws, gives significant savings of anticipated costs with simultaneously guarantees high static and dynamic strength.