Material, material, size is very important

- Apr 24, 2018-

The production process of the rivet nut is similar to that of other screws. Only the screws are pierced with a screw machine, and the nut is punched out with a nut machine. To introduce the production process of the riveting nut.

1. First of all, what material is the riveting nut and what material it is. We can use what kind of material to produce and what kind of material to use for production. Knowing what materials and materials to use, we can only buy screw wires.

2. Determine the size, type, and size of the rivet nut. That's how good the screw wire really does.

3. After determining what material, material, size and type, we will need to see if it is a common riveting nut. If so, there must be a corresponding mold in the factory. If it is not, then we must order the mold.

4. After all the production is ready, you have to use the nut machine pier to play the shape of the pressure rivet nut, that is, the appearance.

5. After the pier is punched out, tap the nut teeth again to perform tapping on it.

6. After the thread is tapped, it is plated. The stainless steel rivet nut does not need to be electroplated. It only needs to be cleaned. To electroplate other colors, you have to take professional electroplating manufacturers to electroplate.