Method for hot pressing and hot melt nut implanting plastic

- May 15, 2018-

Method for hot pressing and hot melt nut implanting plastic


The method of embedding the hot melt nut

Hot-melt embedding is the most common and most common method of embedding. It is generally used for hot-melt and hand-carried iron.

1, copper handle by electric heating to 80 ~ 90 degrees (depending on the substrate, the temperature control is also different, generally lower than the substrate 10 degrees lower melting point), contact with the copper nut, and the copper nut temperature

2, copper nut pressed into plastic pieces

3, out of the pressure handle, copper nuts and plastic pieces hot melt into one.


Injection nut

Injection molding embedment generally has strict requirements on the hole diameter of the nut, and the hole diameter is controlled within 0.05mm, because the product is fixed in the injection molding die with the Molding Pin, and the nut hole diameter is controlled by the size of the PIN pin of the injection molding machine.

Ultrasonic nut:

Ultrasonic embedment is a kind of ultrasonic vibration that increases the temperature between the nut and the surface of the workpiece and the internal molecules and causes the temperature at the interface to increase. When the temperature reaches the softening temperature of the workpiece itself, the nut is embedded in the plastic parts. In the middle, when the vibration stops, the workpiece is cooled and set at a certain pressure at the same time.