Provides perfect specific thread locking

- Apr 24, 2018-

What are the uses of self-tapping nut covers? Self-tapping thread inserts are self-tapping thread inserts with slotted or open holes, of which slotted self-tapping inserts are recommended for most applications. On some materials, this type of screw insert provides the perfect specific thread locking effect.

 If not, it is generally recommended to use Type 307/308. Type 307/308 makes a major breakthrough in material cutting difficulties. This product not only has a very thick wall, but also has three round holes with cutting ability dispersed on the wall. The 307/308 products are particularly suitable for applications where the thickness of the material is not so generous. Generally not required products do not need to install self-tapping screw sleeves, but some important connection parts need to be installed due to high tension or special design.

Self-tapping screw inserts are produced and tested strictly according to ISO/TS16949 quality system. Self-tapping screw inserts are used throughout the entire metal and plastics processing industry. The products have been used in the automotive industry for a long time. Civil and commercial vehicle engines, transmissions, aviation Industry, rail car industry, and its quality have never been questioned.