Self Clinch Stud

- Mar 21, 2019-

The so-called riveting refers to the plastic deformation of the body material under the external pressure during the riveting process, and is squeezed into the prefabricated groove specially designed in the riveted screw and nut structure, thereby realizing the reliability of the two parts. The way to connect.

 Our range of rivet fasteners includes rivet nuts, rivet nut columns, rivet screws, through hole rivet nut columns, blind hole rivet nut columns, and more.

 In daily life, you can see a wide range of fasteners. The application of fasteners is as small as the computer case of our office. It can be used in many fields such as airplanes and ships. The number of fasteners used can be described. It is a million statistics. The demand for industrial fasteners in China has also risen sharply, and the riveted fasteners are widely used mechanical basic components.

 The rivet nut in a computer mainframe has an average of not less than 25 fasteners.

I heard that implants can solve the problem of missing teeth, and many patients with missing teeth have named: I want to plant teeth. Different edentulous patients have different edentulous position, alveolar bone condition and individual needs. According to the patient's demand, the dental implant program is formulated. After preparation for disinfection and anesthesia, the authoritative dental doctor begins the dental implant surgery. Implant the implant, wait for the bone to combine, then go through the follow-up, install the abutment, crown, and complete the restoration of the implant.

The total weight of fasteners used in modern aircraft can be 5-6 percent of the total weight of the aircraft. Each carbon fiber tail section of an A380 requires approximately 9,000 bolts.

 A variety of fasteners for a medium-sized aircraft totaled 2 million to 3 million.

In rockets, satellites, spacecraft, interplanetary detectors, the different cabin sections, the electromechanical components inside the instrument compartment and the cabin sections are connected by stud bolts, stud bolts, rivet screws, rivet nut fasteners. .

HUIZHOU ZHANCI are specialized in providing stainless steel fasteners for the shipbuilding and yacht building industries, with a total of 5 million fasteners.