Self-Clinching Blind Press Nuts

- Nov 10, 2018-

Self-clinching blind press nuts are an ideal choice for products or applications that require an industrial fastener that provides a strong barrier against dirt, oil, moisture, and other contaminants. These self-clinching nuts provide extended thread lengths when used in thin sheet metal.

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B, BS type sealing nut column

Applied to the working environment where the bottom end is to be closed, sometimes called waterproof stud or waterproof nut column

The sealing nut column is divided into B type and BS type, B type is carbon, BS is stainless steel

The specific material is: B-1214 or 1215, BS-SUS303

Hardness: B-type sealing stud is carburized to HV400-500

BS stainless steel sealing studs are not heat treated, so it is the original hardness of stainless steel rods, ie HRB90 (HV200)

Surface treatment: B-default is blue and white zinc, BS-default is stainless steel

BS stainless steel sealing nut column

Material; SUS303

Left picture specification: BS-M4-2

The stainless steel seal nut column is made of SUS303. It should be sealed and waterproof in rust-proof work such as aluminum plate and copper plate. It is not recommended for stainless steel plate (although it can also be used).

The sealed rivet nut post has a blind bore internal thread, the head end is similar to the S-type rivet nut, and is riveted to the plate to form an effective internal thread.

It is produced by automatic lathe, which is completed by bar turning → punching → embossing → tapping.