Strong and efficient, easy to use

- Apr 24, 2018-

If the nut of a certain product needs to be installed outside, and the space inside is narrow, and the press head of the riveting machine cannot enter the press riveting and the budding and other methods cannot reach the strength requirements, then the riveting and the riveting are not feasible. Must use riveting. Applicable to all thickness plate, pipe (0.5MM-6MM) fastening field. The use of pneumatic or manual riveting gun can be riveted once, convenient and firm; replace the traditional welding nut, make up for the thin metal plate, thin tube welding is easy to melt, weld nut is not smooth and other shortcomings.

Lacing nuts, also known as rivet nuts, pull caps, and instant pull caps, are used in the fastening field of various metal plates, pipes and other manufacturing industries. They are widely used in automobiles, aviation, railways, refrigeration, elevators, switches, and instruments. Furniture, decoration and other mechanical and electrical products and light industrial products on the assembly. In order to solve the defects of metal thin plate and thin pipe welding nut, which can be easily melted and tapped inside the thread, it does not need to attack the internal thread, does not require welding nut, riveting firm and efficient, and easy to use.