Use them to save time and money

- Apr 24, 2018-

PEM self-tightening positions Twist lock nuts provide the ideal solution to prevent mating parts from loosening due to vibration or other related factors. To meet a wide range of applications, this growing category of fasteners includes multiple models and different forms of locking structures. Use them to save time and money compared to alternative chemically locked or rubberized locks.

The PEMHEX locknut incorporates a hexagonal nylon element that can be reused and creates a nonmetallic retentive twist lock on the threads, thus eliminating possible scratches and avoiding the use of lubricants; TRI-DENT locknuts are used to make a top The screw deformation process of the thread deformation obtains the effect of the retention twist lock; the PEMFLEX lock nut adopts two brushed semi-circular claws to prevent the mating parts from loosening. It is especially suitable for the case of large loads; miniature lock nuts and floating The type obtains the effect of retaining the twist lock through an elliptical process of pressing the top of the fastener. All Binko self-locking lock nuts can be permanently installed in sheet metal.

Depending on the type, the threaded locking performance of the Binco locknut is equivalent to the corresponding specification of the NASM25027 or to the IFI or ANSI-related torque requirements. Suitable for thread sizes from #2-56 and M2.5 to #10-32 and M5 for carbon steel plates, stainless steel plates, or aluminum plates.