would you be interested in purchasing our updated and permission based Fastener Industry Professionals Contact List across USA, Canada & Australia.

- Aug 01, 2018-



My name is Jewel, would you be interested in purchasing our updated and permission based Fastener Industry Professionals Contact List across USA, Canada & Australia.


I’d be happy to send over few Sample data for your reference and please let me know would you like reach the below mentioned target market criteria?

We have complete and valid contacts list of below mentioned Titles:

  • CEO's/President/Directors and Managers

  • Fastener Engineer and Manager

  • Fastener Designer/Developer

  • Fastener Installation Manager

  • Fastener Design Engineer/Manager

  • Fixing Engineer and Manager

  • MRO and Installation Engineers

  • Fabricating Engineers/Managers

  • HVAC Managers/Engineers

  • Importers and Exporters/Dealers

  • Structural Engineers/Managers

  • Procurement Manager/Director/Buyer

  • Machinery & Equipment Manager/Fixer

  • Construction Engineer and Managers

  • Automotive Engineer and Manager

  • Energy and Power Generation Engineer/Manager

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineer/Managers

  • Purchasing Manager and Director

  • Business Development Manager/Director

  • Tool and Die Maker/Logistics and Supplies

  • Manufacturers /Distributor/Supplier/Resellers

In our list every lead includes: Contact Name, Job title, Company name, Website, Physical address, City, State, Country, NAICS Code, Phone Number, Industry vertical & Opt-in E-mail address.


Else, please fill your specific target market criteria in the below mentioned format, So that I can run counts and get back to you with samples, benefits and more information for your review.