Dimac Demonstrates Efficiency And Innovation At Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2019

- Feb 28, 2019-

At this year’s Fastener Fair Stuttgart that will be held in Stuttgart this March, Italian-based company Dimac will - as an OEM pursuing a the Zero-Defect approach - showcase its high-end models to professionals from the fastening industry.

Re-styled & Smart MCV5

Dimac plans to lauch a new product range in the next few years, starting with the launch of the MCV5 new generation series. Complying the latest IoT, Automation and safety standards, this model combines best electronics and mechanics systems with an outstanding vision system. The latest release includes also new functions and tools for the dimensional inspection as well as for surface analysis.

MCV0 Future-ready for Automotive

The new release of the optical control series MCV0 aims to address especially the automotive top players attending the Show. MCV0 controls up to 1000 screws per minute, coming close to a 95% efficiency, running 24/7. With this machine Dimac can offer a complete range of 100% automatic inspection and sorting machines for fasteners starting from M1,5 to M25, from 5mm to 300 mm total length.


The SPC-ROBOT is a multi-station, control and data collection unit equipped with an anthropomorphic COBOT (collaborative robot), a TURBOCLEAN station and an optical measurement station with high-resolution digital cameras. 3 models in total are available. All Dimac machines benefit from a unique control software and provide a complete range of measurement tools.

Augmented Reality

Connectivity is a cornerstone for the whole range of machines. Hence remote-controlled connectivity is used by Dimac to provide upgrades, programming and setup support, training conferences etc.
DRA – Dimac Remote Assistance powered by Acty© – is the new App for mobile devices especially designed to troubleshoot the Dimac machines remotely.
Prior to any intervention at customer’s site, Dimac can activate a live cam chat within an augmented reality environment and support the operators to identify the source of any problem and troubleshoot.
That means cost-effectiveness whilst facilitating and speeding up the machine cycle.

For more information visit www.dimacsrl.com/en/category/press-en/