The Various Factors Which Influence Cold-heading Die

- Oct 10, 2018-

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Cold heading is one of the new processes for machining metal with less cutting pressure.

It is a kind of processing method which makes use of the plastic deformation of the metal under the action of external force, and makes the metal volume redistributed and transferred by means of the die, so as to form the required parts or blank.


Cold heading is suitable for the production of standard fasteners such as screws, nuts, rivets and dowels.


The equipment commonly used in cold heading is a special cold header. If the production is not too large, you can use a crank press or friction press instead. With the rapid development of China's national economy, the multi-station automatic cold header designed and manufactured by Chinese working class has reached the advanced level of special and efficient.


The use of cold upsetting to produce the head of screws, bolts, rivets and so on can reduce or replace the cutting process, its application range is expanding. From the market situation, although China's cold heading process has had a great development, but compared with the world's advanced level, there is still a big gap. This gap is mainly reflected in the short service life of cold heading die. So, what factors affect the service life of the mold?


Check before use
It is better to check the cold heading mold before each use, which not only ensures the smooth processing, but also can protect the mold. In addition, if problems occur during the production process, stop work immediately and find out the cause.

Mode of operation
Correct operation can effectively extend the service life of the mold. Cold upsetting die is a special production of nuts, screws and other fasteners mechanical equipment, is the basis of cold upsetting. In use, operators need to follow the corresponding operation steps to work, so as to avoid product quality problems or even damage to mechanical equipment.

Lubricant property
The importance of lubricant in metal processing is obvious. It is used on all kinds of machinery to reduce friction, protect machinery and processing of industrial liquids. However, the properties of the lubricant are both good and bad, and the protection of cold heading die is different.

After use cleaning
After use, if the cold heading die is not cleaned thoroughly in time, it will cause oil residue and damage the die


Use good steel die, die life will be extended; Carry out standard heat treatment to make the die have proper hardness and toughness: carry out correct operation to prevent wrong operation. For example, if two workpieces are put into the mold at the same time, it is easy to damage the mold


The factors that affect the die life are many. The following screw sheng shield manufacturers put forward 6 points to affect the punching die aspect and the comprehensive life influencing factors


1. Stamping equipment
2. Mold design
3. Stamping process
4. Mold materials
5. Thermal processing technology
6. Machined surface quality