How To Realize Automatic Feeding Of Self-clinching Self-Clinching Bind Fasteners?

- Oct 09, 2018-

The self-clinching blind fastener also called a waterproof standoff or a bind standoff. Self-clinching blind fastener post has a blind hole internal thread, and the head end is similar to the S-type rivet nut, and is riveted to the plate to form an effective internal thread. The sealing nut column mounting method combines the features of both the rivet nut mounting and self-clinching bind fastener mounting, and the installation is simpler. The self-clinching blind fastener column is used in a working environment where the bottom end is to be closed.


In the process of sheet metal processing, sometimes it is necessary to use self-clinching blind fastener. In order to improve production efficiency and ensure the safety of press riveting, more and more users choose to use the automatic riveting machine for anti-pressure hand and feeding system, then self-clinching blind fastener, How to realize automatic feeding of standoff?


S618 can easily realize automatic feeding of self-clinching blind fasteners.


What circumstances is the automatic nut feeding tool selected?

1. When the positioning of large sheet metal parts is not convenient

2, the number of rivet nuts is large, need to be quickly positioned

3. When pressing the rivet nut after bending

4, the delivery (avoidance) nut automatic tool feeding is not convenient


The way to send the nut can solve the above problems!

Automatic feeding is not only efficient

And can also avoid work injuries