Improved Water Resistance

- Apr 24, 2018-

The waterproof stainless steel riveting nut for the bottom of the vehicle mainly comprises a riveting nut and a waterproof layer; the commodity riveting nut is provided with a base; the inner layer of the waterproof layer of the product is provided with a double-sided tape, and the waterproof layer of the product passes through the double The surface glue is glued on the base of the rivet nut; the diameter of the deformed area can reach 20mm after expansion, and the deformed diameter can reach 35mm or more. It is satisfied with the lock requirement of the large hole position of 15mm and can effectively achieve locking. Function; At the same time, the EPDM foam layer of waterproof gasket is sprayed with PVC anti-corrosion rubber, and after the compression of the EPDM foam layer, it compensates for the rough dryness of the PVC anti-corrosion rubber, and the closed-cell structure design of the EPDM foam layer is adopted to improve the waterproof performance. .

The stainless steel riveting nut device comprises a thread base with an external thread on the upper part, a thread-supporting jack nut on the threaded base, a through hole in the threaded base, and an axially movable pull-through hole. The upper end of the pull rivet rod is provided with a limit table which can be topped on the top nut. The lower end of the pull rivet rod is provided with an external thread. The lower end of the pull rivet rod protrudes below the through hole. The utility model utilizes the jacking force generated by the cooperation of thread rotation of the thread base and the jack nut to push on the riveting rod, thereby completing the riveting action, and can pull the riveting force during the riveting process and grasp the strength of the riveting and accurate calculation of the riveting rod. Movement schedule.