PEM Swivel Bolts Come In Various Lengths

- Apr 24, 2018-

PEM swivel bolts for metal sheets introduce a one-piece captive screw solution. It is controlled by the mounting action so that the screw can freely rotate in the plate without loosening. This solution allows the quick installation of matching parts and reduces the need for loose fasteners (such as screws and retaining clips or shims). This type of fastener can be used as an ideal low-cost alternative to panel fasteners assembled from multiple parts.

The product line includes a patented SCBTM bolt with a non-threaded neck that allows axial floating; and an SCBJTM bolt with a jacking structure.

Simply press the bolt into the appropriate size hole to complete the installation. The pressing force exerted on the top of the screw head and the bottom surface of the sheet presses the shoulder of the screw into the sheet, so that the sheet is deformed and displaced, and the hole at the bottom of the head and the shoulder of the screw is squeezed into the sheet. This makes the screw permanently loose in the panel.

PEM rotary bolts are available in various lengths and thread sizes from #4-40 to #6-32 and M3 to M4.