Reduce The Amount Of Points Used To Save Costs

- Apr 24, 2018-

Rivet nuts are available in sizes M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, but M6 and M8 are used most frequently in daily life. This is because small threads can be tapped directly on the substrate. Even if the rivet nut has a variety of specifications, its performance characteristics are similar:

1. Rivet nuts can effectively solve the "yellow water" problem that occurs when the air-conditioning shell is used for a long time, and it can also effectively eliminate problems such as imaginary welding.

2. The rivet nut also solves the problem that the self-tapping screw of the flange is not firmly connected, improves its reliability, reduces the noise caused by the loose connection, and is more reliable, practical, and easy to maintain.

3. As the rivet nut adopts the method of punch press riveting, the single welding method can be completed at one time, which not only has high efficiency, but also reduces the amount of points used and saves costs.

4. The rivet nut replaces the tapping and tapping, which can reduce the material by 20% and save energy.

The rivet nut is used to pull the rivet nut on the top of the riveting gun to longitudinally compress the rivet nut and cause convex deformation on the end surface, thereby clamping the riveted object and realizing the riveting function.

The installed rivet nut also has the ability to suspend the nut and evenly distribute the bearing capacity received on each nut, which can effectively increase the bearing capacity and anti-fatigue ability of the rivet nut.

When the rivet nut is riveted, it must be ensured that the rivet nut on the riveter and the riveted object are vertical. In order to prevent the rivet nut from being damaged during compression and deformation during riveting, the screw on the rivet gun must be adjusted to 23 threads before riveting, and then the rivet nut can be riveted so that it will not be caused by the riveting head process. Riveting failed.