Single-use, High-yield Machining

- Apr 24, 2018-

Before threaded fasteners are widely used, there are many different fastening methods. Mostly related to carpentry and forging, but not related to mechanical processing, the concept used like dowels and pins, wedges, rakes, wedges, hammers, nails, forgings and other tied with leather or fiber tied. Before the middle of the nineteenth century, shipbuilding made use of split pins, bolts, or rivets. At the time, there were adhesives, but the type was not as large as in modern times.

Has been used in the eighteenth century with a large number of machine tools to produce screws, screws, screws, metal screws, screws, screws have become common fasteners, this technology was developed in the 1760s and 1770s, along two separate processes Way, but soon converged: wood screws, screws, screws (metal screws used on wood fixation, screws, screws) are processed by single-use, high-yield machine tools, and low-volume, mold shop-style production V thread machine screws, screws, screws, can choose a variety of different pitch.