Treatment Process Requires A Certain Amount Of Technical Content

- Apr 24, 2018-

The CD pattern has many manufacturers and product development engineers in real life. After reading the surface of the workpiece that has been treated with CD patterns, it may be said that the surface treatment process of the CD pattern is easy to produce or to say simply, but the actual hands-on system is not to do it. Well, if you play it many times, you can't succeed. Why? Because there are technical skills here, that is to say, to do a good job of CD surface treatment technology requires a certain amount of technology.

Choosing a reasonable processing tool for the CD surface treatment technology, which has very important implications, such as: tool gas, burr occurs. The point of view of the tool is incorrect, and it will also directly affect the appearance of the product CD pattern. 5. Accurate cooling plan. When we are doing the appearance of the CD pattern processing, if our cooling plan is wrong, even if it is our texture distance, tool and other parameters selected right. Let's CD pattern will not reach the ambition effect. Therefore, the accurate cooling plan has a major effect on the appearance of CD profile processing technology. The above five points can be seen that the processing of our CD appearance processing technology is not so simple. It is not a casual ordinary worker who can do CD pattern processing on the appearance of a document. It is not a random machine that can process it. It seems that the CD appearance processing technology still has quite a lot of technical content. Demand We communicate with each other in production practices and keep discussing.